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Euterpa uses its rich experience, gained during many years of club, concert and TV performing, to make unusual entertainment and atmosphere at wedding parties. Its best references are numerous satisfied clients at more than 400 wedding ceremonies.



The diversified repertoire of Euterpa is comprised of about 500 songs (pop/rock, funk, acid jazz, soul, house, latino and dance hits of both foreign and domestic authors). There is also a possibility of arranging and performing songs beyond this repertoire, in accordance with clients’ wishes.



Euterpa possesses its own professional equipment and provides the highest quality of sound. In a word, we are the right choice for your wedding party.

When needed, Euterpa performs together with one of the best old city music bands, La Banda. Such a unique combination can satisfy everybody’s taste as it offers a specific advantage of joint performance of two top level bands within their own genres, as well as the utmost attractiveness of the whole happening.

Some important statistics on Euterpa’s performances at wedding ceremonies

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99.9% of wedding couples are still together, while 75.3% of them conceived a child the very same night, immediately after the party at which Euterpa performed.

100% of wedding couples sang at least one of their favorite songs accompanied by Euterpa.

0% of guests entertained by Euterpa left the wedding party in bad mood.

During 58.8% of parties, an unmarried guest decided to get married, and 99.3% of these couples engaged Euterpa to perform at their party, too.

There’s 0.63% of possibility to engage any other band for your wedding ceremony. If you do so, it’s 0.0000001% of possibility that you will have more fun with it than with Euterpa.

Yours Euterpa and DJ Igor Brakus



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