Members - Euterpa

Member Biographies

Nikola Jovanovic Johnny

Guitar, Voice, Band Leader
Known as „serbian Satriani“ this supernatural guitar talent got rich making gigs for this band, so he has 11 apartments in Belgrade, huge number of apartments in Buljarice and polar bear in Paraguay zoo.
(text by DJ Igor Brakus)

Aleksandar Vlajkovic Avax

Known for his collaboration with Djogani, who said of him "Avax is my brother, bro". With fast and dexterous fingers, this extraordinary keyboardist spent part of his career in folk music to get rich and then be able to play what he really loves.
(text by DJ Igor Brakus)

Bane Markovic Basstardo

Bass guitar
In his career so far, this virtuoso on the bass guitar has played with almost all living famous personalities. He almost got "Euterpa" tattooed on his left glute near the bottom to show and prove his love for the band he currently works in. He got into music out of enthusiasm. He doesn't like everything that young people like. He collects used tissues from fans of Milorad Milosevic Miki, the band's drummer.
(text by DJ Igor Brakus)

Dejan Gladovic Deki

He joined the band after punching Miki, the band's drummer, in the gluteal muscles, in a visibly intoxicated state, thus relaxing his muscles that were constantly tight from sitting behind the drums, after which the band invited him to join them. Until recently, the extremely powerful male vocalist could only be heard at prison karaoke's in the KP dom, where Deki served a long-term sentence for forcibly tattooing 'VOZDOVAC RULES' on the left and right side of the back with a penknife. Young, promising and sexy, multi-talented playboy Deki is a real refreshment on the local club scene.
(text by DJ Igor Brakus)

Milorad Milosevic Miki

An exceptional musician. Due to his macho physical appearance, he is a real lure for the opposite and sometimes the same sex. He is able to follow any rhythm, in any way, at any time, with his hands and feet tied. In the world of drummers better known by the nickname "Animal".
(text by DJ Igor Brakus)