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Euterpa, a Muse and protector of music in Greek mythology (in literal translation: “the one which loves, adores and pleases, the giver of joy and delight”), is also the name of one of the most popular cover bands on the Belgrade music scene. For connoisseurs of night life, Euterpa has been the synonym for breathtaking atmosphere and hours of unforgettable entertainment. Attractive stage performance, uncompromisingly punctual rhythm section, with one female and one male lead vocal, authentic song interpretations, clear and powerful, high-quality sound – are the trademarks of this band.

In the past 22 years of its existence, the band has covered a serious “mileage”, and can boast over 3080 performances in Serbia and abroad (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Tunisia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, America, Spain, Italy).

Versatility is one of the main characteristics of Euterpa band, which has been engaging in a wide array of different music-related activities. In addition to its regular club performances in Belgrade, but also other towns in Serbia and abroad, the band has played on many corporate events, private celebration parties like weddings, proms, birthdays and concerts and music festivals (the largest audience counted over 100 000 people on Macedonian Beer Festival). Euterpa has also had some outstanding appearances on TV Shows (Reality Show “Survivor” on TV Prva, New Year’s program on RTS, “Ami G Show” on TV Pink, New Year’s program on TV Metropolis, etc.).

In Bitef Art Café, Euterpa has been the resident band for the “Night of Fantastic Vocal Capabilities”, the most visited karaoke show in Belgrade. During the second season of the “First Voice of Serbia”, Euterpa band in cooperation with Constantin Entertainment, one of Germany's biggest TV production companies, had been enthusiastically recording the backing tracks for the show, aiming to achieve the greatest possible quality. As a result Euterpa was working on a new TV Project “Your face sounds familiar”. Euterpa has also cooperated and played with some of the leading popular musicians from Serbia and surrounding countries.

Euterpa also takes pleasure in acoustic performances, adjusted to the specific venue and occasion, with pleasant and intimate atmosphere as its imperative.

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December 31. 2023

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